Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Multitask While Shopping

Shopping requires all of your attention. After all, money is at stake. You don’t want to spend your money on something that looks bad or on something that is just bad fashion. I know it is hard to resist staring at your phone because what if your bestie is having trouble with her boyfriend again. Or some other super urgent issue needs your attention, but I can assure you that the world won’t end if you put your phone away for a few minutes. Shopping requires you to carefully pick out clothes that fit you and have designs that you like. Fashion is a creative outlet of expression, you are able to express yourself through the clothes you wear. People judge all the time, let’s turn that to our advantage. Let them judge your beautiful clothes and your stunning confidence. You need all of your attention focused on shopping and selecting clothes because you don’t want to half ass your selection. What if you are selecting stuff while you are talking to someone, so you aren’t focused on your selection of clothes. Then when you get home you end up not liking most of it. That’s the problem I’m trying to avoid by telling you to not multitask when shopping. Either your shopping suffers or the thing you are trying to do suffers. Realistically there’s no way you do homework while shopping, its better just to leave that at home and focus on shopping. When you have multiple things, you need to do floating around in your head you can’t focus on anything. If you are so distracted, and you are trying to buy a gucci bag, you might go home with a discount gucci bag. That would be a pretty big waste of money and would not look good. People would judge you for being not able to afford an actual gucci bag.