3 Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Air, water, food, and shelter are the basic things every human being needs. We can go without food, water, and shelter for some days but cannot stay without air even for a few minutes. Everyone thinks that the air they breathe outside is polluted while in the air in the house is pure. But studies show that the air in the house can be as polluted as outdoors. Many people suffer from respiratory allergy and other ailments like asthma and so they prefer to have an air purifier in their home. When you decide to buy an air purifier, ask yourself these questions.

1) Why do I need an Air Purifier? Air purifier comes in various types depending on its purpose. Like some purifiers are designed to help patients suffering from asthma, while other air purifiers help in cleaning the odor and chemicals in the air. Before you choose a purifier, ask yourself what you want the purifier to do for you and then choose the right one accordingly.

2) Size of purifier: Air purifiers can come in a variety of types and sizes. To choose the exact size of purifier you will have to consider the area you want to cover. If you buy too big purifier you will waste money on its cost, if you buy a too small purifier you will not achieve the purpose of cleaning the air completely.

3) Additional features: An air purifier can have many supporting features like easy to use, has wheels that make it easy to move etc. They might also have other features like remote control, different fan settings, indicators to change filter etc. Many air purifiers clean the air and leave a fresh fragrance, sometimes like the fresh flowers while sometimes like the delicious fruits. Don’t forget to check all these additional features before you choose an air purifier.