Gone Paleo? Here’s The Best Shopping List for Beginners

You would have probably come across several different types of diets – the low-carb diet, vegan diet, low-fat diet, protein-rich diet, and so on. Some people even go on a supplement diet to stay fit. Check out this link – https://www.garciniacambogiareviewed.co/brands/rapid-tone-reviews to learn more.

So, what is up with the Paleo Diet? Well, for starters, the paleo diet is nothing new, just that it has been forgotten for some time now. Our ancestors were practisers of the paleo diet, which mainly stood for a low-carb diet but a nutrient-rich diet, essentially a diet that is high in proteins. In short, it is right to say that a paleo diet is a combination of the many diet forms of today.

Therefore, if you are someone new to the paleo diet, then it is a must that you know what you can eat but most importantly, you need to know what you need to buy while going shopping to stock up for your paleo diet and so here goes the top three categories that your paleo diet-shopping list must include.

  1. Go Fresh, Go Seasonal – Paleo diet is all about staying away from carbs but increasing the uptake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hence, avoid those rich in starch such as potatoes but sweet potatoes can be included. You can also stock up on greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bell peppers, avocados, and even mushrooms.
  2. Turn Savage – Not in the literal sense but asking you to go savage means include a lot of protein-rich food and what better source is there than animal meat. Therefore, stock up on eggs, chicken, lamb, beef (preferably grass fed), and lots of seafood.
  3. Although fats are to be avoided strictly, your body needs a minimum quantity of healthy fats mainly for the muscles and bones. Therefore, ensure to add some of the healthy cooking oils such as virgin coconut oil, olive oil, and pure ghee to your shopping list.

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