A Beginner’s Guide: Planning the Perfect Thailand Vacation

Thailand – situated in Southeast Asia and called ‘Land of Smiles’ has 76 provinces that are unique to each other. For a newcomer to Thailand this can be confusing to know where to holiday in the four main regions. This brief beginners guide to planning the best Vacation in Thailand could help you.

Three Main Tips for Beginners to Visit Thailand

  1. Getting around Thailand: There are two airports – BKK & DMK connecting to major Southeast Asian regions. Bangkok is a busy transportation spot in Asia so traveling around would not be a big deal.
  2. Safety – While traveling in Thailand or any foreign destination in the world it is always good to be vigilant and attentive. So, get a good sleep, take good care of health, eat healthy and stay awake while traveling. Tourists are advised and encouraged to take licensed taxis or take hotel shuttle service pick-ups while landing in the country or take official taxi stand.
  3. a) Wearing a helmet is compulsory while traveling by two wheelers such as scooters, motorcycles, etc. on rent. If you are not experienced rider then there may be safety issues as the maintenance of such vehicles & helmets are not up to international safety standards. If planning to vacation till late at night then avoid alleyways which are not on the main roads.
  4. b) It is good to carry around your passport and travel documents with you while traveling. Even though some motorcycle/ two- wheeler companies or other travelers’ activities that require you to surrender passport as guarantee, it is better not to go for it.
  5. Family Oriented Destination – There are four major regions to visit in Thailand for all – individuals, friends, and family to have a great holiday time. There are activities and places all ages of a family can enjoy. There are picturesque mountain and hill slopes, great forests with exotic wildlife, and you can go fun trekking at lush national parks. Don’t forget to take snorkelstar snorkeling set to enjoy a panoramic view below the exotic beaches.
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