Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying CBD

Cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound extracted from cannabis, has been heralded for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. The compound has been found to be very potent in treating epileptic seizures, post traumatic stress disorder and an array of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and so on. Furthermore, CBD has also been very effective in relieving pains. In fact, there is an ample of creams that have it infused into them; a very good example is Nature Leaf Organics, without any doubt, this is a great cream for pain relief.

Nonetheless, for all its benefits, cannabidiol could come with certain side effects – though it must be said that it is not psycho-active. This coupled with the possibility of coming across adulterated CBD, are the major reasons why you have to consider a number of factors before making a purchase.

3 Things You Need to Put into Consideration before Buying CBD

Furtherance to the discussion above, we shall now touch on the 3 key factors you have to consider before buying CBD.

  1. Source: first off, where CBD is sourced from can tell how potent or concentrated it is. Therefore, it is important to know the particular species or strain [of cannabis] that it is extracted from. Additionally, you will also need to take note of the condition under which the cannabis plant was grown. The finest CBD are the ones extracted from purely organic (cannabis) plants – without the addition of pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemical.
  2. Method of Extraction: Another critical factor you should not be oblivious of is the method employed in extracting the oil from cannabis plant. An inexpensive method like the solvent method will not only adversely affect the purity of the CBD but could also predispose you to certain health issues. The carbon dioxide method remains the best and safest – although it is quite costly.
  3. Brand: Brand also matters when setting out to buy CBD. You should settle for trusted brands with reputation for giving nothing but the best quality; some brands like Kat’s Naturals and Canna Trading Co. come to mind here. One thing you have to know is that a credible brand would usually provide customers with the result of third party lab test which had been previously carried out on the product.
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