Helpful Tips for Picking Gifts for Girl Toddlers

Toddler girls can sometimes be a challenge to buy gifts for. They might already have loads of toys, games and clothes, or they might be getting to the age where they have specific interests and you’re worried they will reject your gift. Here, we’ll look at the best ways to choose great gifts for preschool girls 

If you are looking for gifts for 1 year old girls, it’s probably a good idea to ask their parents what they need. They won’t be able to tell you what they’re after at this age, but they might also already have a lot of ‘stuff’. Sometimes, vouchers or cash are good gifts at this young age, as parents can wait until they need something, or put it in a savings account until the child is older.  

If you are going to buy some toys for a young toddler, you might be wondering what’s best to choose. ‘Big’ toys which encourage kids to be more active are usually great for 1 to 3 year olds. Ride on toys are great, or for slightly older toddlers you could choose a balance bike or a tricycle perhaps. See-saws and rocking horses are also great for children in this age group, and are great for helping develop large motor skills.   

Imaginative play is also popular with toddler girls. Pretend food is a great idea, or something they can use to be just like mom and dad. Some examples might be cleaning sets, a toy vacuum cleaner or even a toolbox to help with those important DIY jobs around the house! For slightly older toddlers around age 3, baby dolls are usually always a popular gift. If the recipient already has a doll, why not see if she needs some accessories such as a stroller or a baby bath to help her fully engage with the mommy role!  

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