10 Reasons to Buy a New Dog Bed

Doggy beds are home to your little buddy. Dogs are den animals and need a place to tuck in at night, when they are scared or simply bored. A comfy little place to tuck in with toys and relax. Which is why it is so important to get it right.

  1. Keeps them comfortable: This is where your dog will spend the most part of the day, make sure she is comfortable with the material and build.
  2. Warm and cozy: Even if they are bellyflopping on the floor all day long, the nights can get cold unexpectedly, which is when they will need a place to crash.
  3. Cleaning is easy: If you have a dog that sheds, you know the pain. The best dog beds to buy are the easiest to clean, something new dog owners often overlook.
  4. Chewed out: If you bought a dog bed for your puppy, by the time she stops chewing everything, the bed will be dog earned. That’s when you know you need a new one.
  5. Your dog’s overgrown: Because predicting the size of is often tricky with larger breeds. If she doesn’t fit, it’s time to buy a new bed.
  6. Sticky material: Some materials just attract fur more than others. Avoid buying sticky fabrics so you don’t have to clean frequently.
  7. Toilet accidents: Puppies have tiny bladders and can often pee on the beds. Toilet training can be impossible if you don’t have a clean smelling home and bed.
  8. Insulation: When the bedding part gets old it becomes flatter, providing less warmth and protection.
  9. Cushioning: Arthritic, or old dogs need cushioning for bones support.
  10. Anti-bunching: When your dog starts nesting, old beds can bunch up and slip on the floor.